SonicWall Mobile Connect App Reviews

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Can’t add a connection

Running version 4.0.3 on OS X 10.10.5 I can’t add a connection. Useless as is.

Closing the window confuses novice users

Annoying bug: if you close the connection window, and later want to bring it back up but haven’t fully quit the app, you need to go to the Window menu and click Bring All to Front. If the main window is closed, and someone clicks on the Dock icon to bring it back up, it should automatically re-open the window. Confusing 10+ novice users in a small office, I’m getting phone calls daily because of this.

Does the job, but not internationally

Connecting within the US it seems to do its job well. But it fails to establish a proper connection from extremely remote destinations.

Adds a default route on El Capitan

Haven’t had this before - 3.1.6 adds a default route (alongside my normal default route) !! Normal VPN connections in OSX have the option to “send all traffic through connection” but this one doesn’t. Please fix this!

Works fine except for DNS resolution

This app really does look nice and much better than the NetExtender, however the DNS resolution does not work. I’m using the same system, settings, credentials as in NetExtender but the DNS does not work. In NetExtender it’s fine. Setting up a connection, connecting and the system itegration with Mavericks works great. Going to the support site and looking for any help on this software just loops around in cycles. Please test it for yourself to see… :(

Such an improvement!

So happy to see a Sonicwall VPN client that integrates with Network Preferences, doesn’t require specific Java versions, doesn’t have to mess with permissions on every upgrade, and doesn’t require us to find updated versions on Sonicwall’s downloads site and distribute to employees ourselves. Unlike Paulicks review , I didn’t run into any issues with DNS resolution, but our company VPN config is set to put all DNS lookups across the VPN when connected. Everything just appears to work. The only thing I’m not sure of is logging — it was easy to get users to send logs from the old client and it’s not that clear how we’ll do that now — but I’m sure we’ll figure something out if needed.

Makes me switch to an Administrator account

I gues the VPN piece itself works, but to create or modify any new connections it makes me switch users to an Administrator account. What is this, 1995? This is the first piece of software I have ever run on OSX that makes me do that - it should prompt for an account and password and elevate privileges in place. Doing this is such a pain, since it means leaving my current work environment which usually contains the VPN info I’m trying to add that I go through every effort to use any VPN other than Sonicwall.


In OSX 10.11.2 Netextender stopped working (again) so I had to find some alternative and this is basically the same thing but it atually works.

Not working at all

Username/Password prompt shows up for a second then dissapears every time after accepting the connection. Can’t add any connections.

Refuses to Connect

I use a Sonicwall TZ appliance for my small business. In addtion to the appliance, I purchased 2 VPN client licenses. I currently VPN with my Windows laptop to my firewall, then use Remote Desktop to run on my Windows Server. I would like to do the same with my Mac. I have the Remote Desktop app since it came with Office, so all I needed to connect was the Sonicwall VPN client. When I saw it in the App Store I was excited. Boy, did my excitement quickly turn into frustration. I can open and run the app, but at Add Connection I get: ‘ is either currently unreachable or is not a valid SonicWALL appliance. Would you like to save this connection anyway? I triple checked the address and connected with my Windows machine just to make sure everything was working. I tried and tried to connect, but to no avail. I do not see any reason why I would be unable to connect, but I cannot. This app does not work.

Doesn’t Work

I really want this to work but it does not let me even get to the screen to enter my username, password and optional domain. I enter the IP address for my sonicwall VPN, hit connect and then it quickly flashes the login credentials screen but does not give me a chance to enter anything. Don’t bother downloading until the developers update this so it actually works.

Works perfectly

The negative reviews probably have more to do with the VPN tunnel and/or NAT policies not being properly configured on the SonicWall device itself and has nothing to do with how well this app actually works. I’ve had no trouble at all and it works exactly how it’s supposed to work. Connects every time to the proper VLAN and allows direct RDP to every device that’s configured for it. Exactly what I needed for working securely from home on my Mac.


This application connects to the SonicWALL SRA appliance at my workplace WAY faster than the SonicWALL NetExtender client does and offers some nice integration with the Mac with the setup of a dedicated VPN interface so you can connect to the VPN using the shortcut in the menu bar. I really like it!

Does not work...

On my home network, connected to my work’s VPN, Mobile Connect works great on the iPhone and iPad, but cannot connect using the Mac version.

Automatic Reconnect’ does not work

Basic vpn functionality works as intended. Problem with Automatic Reconnect not working for my two Mac’s running OS X Yosemite. Tried to toggle the option off/on but still doesn’t work as advertised.

The replacement to NetExtender

I have had so many issues with using NetExtender for the past year on Macs ranging from 10.6 - 10.9. Slow performance and the app crashing out. This is truly the working replacement. Performance speed is amazing. Stats on Monitor Tab well organized and setup is easy to switch to between muliple locations.

does not allow DNS resolution to remote network

Fast and good user interface. However, when connecting to the same SonicWall from my Mac with NetExtender and Mobile Connect, /etc/resolv.conf gets updated by NetExtender but does not get updated by Mobile Connect. I cannot resolve internal hosts on the remote network when using Mobile Connect when i can using NetExtender.

Much faster than NetExtender

I’ve been using NetExtender forever. This app connects to the VPN faster, and the setup is more intuitive. No messing around with certificates in terminal. I also believe that any negative reviews here are due to improperly configured appliances.

Sonicwall Mobile Connect

It connected within a few seconds. Also, it works fine with OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite. Very happy so far.

Few Options

This product works well enough but there is no option to hide the dock icon. Actually, there should not even be a dock icon as this is more of a service application that can be run from its menu icon.

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