SonicWall Mobile Connect Recenzje App

Sprawny i szybki SSL VPN

Bardzo prosta, ale działająca szybko i sprawnie aplikacja. Integruje się z Preferencjami systemowymi Sieci w OS X. Polecam.


Can’t save password properly, pretty easy to achieve on almost all other apps

Not bad at all

We use this in all of our PCs & Mac computers. It has worked flawlessly. Thank you! Just make sure you got all the configuration settings correctly and you should be fine.

Must have current firewall updates

This app would not work correctly till we upgraded our firewall firmware. Worked first time and still working great since our Sonic Wall update. Before you write a negative review I recommend confirming you have the latest software and firmware, I think you will be amazed!

Absolutely useless

I’ve read some reviews stating “works half the time”. I cannot say it works 10% of the time. Absolutely useless. Luckily, I am the one making decisions about company firewalls. Meraki it is, time to trash this “solution”.

DNS Issues

Interesting it connects get th routes shows the routes, but doesn’t resolve anything, you have to access everything via IP address, which can be a pain in the rear. The sonicwall connect for windows works extremely well and handles DNS like a champ.

Works great for me...

I really don’t get all the hate for this app. I have a SonicWALL VPN appliance that is properly configured and regularly updated. The only issue I have ever had with earlier versions were caused by Apple MacOS upgrades, and not the app/SonicWALL itself. Apple changes things with every new release, and it takes vendors a while to catch up. Beyond that- this has been rock-solid for me. I travel quite a bit on business and need this to access my LAN. A lot of times I completely forget I’m running it- it’s been fast and reliable.

Results in an error message

It results in an error message when trying to open the installed application. Re-installed it and still doesn’t work. Any advice?

Avoid like the plague

Am running High Sierra and this VPN totally stinks. It started taking a very long time to connect. Then it would sometimes time out when trying to connect, but it would still connect about 50% of the time. Now it connects 0% of the time and is 100% useless. Boo.

Absolutely garbage

Constant connection problems, being forced to force quit the application or manually kill the process via terminal, and when it finally does decide to connect the connection is so unstable anything can throw it offline again. Meanwhile the Windows version of the application works perfectly. It appears Mac OS users have been tossed aside, which is a shame because this is the required VPN application for my company and I’m unable to get any work done most of the time.

Hot Garbage

This is the worst VPN client experience I have every had. If its not hanging its timing out (and yes the applicance firmware is up to date). The app provides no useful feedback of what is going on, the logs are buried in the console, and on a good day I don't have to reboot every time it has an error.

Works Great if not using Apple Wireless AP

I run an information technology company for a living. Using this app was very inconsistent. After troubleshooting the connectivity for a while, we discovered that if you use a wireless access point other than Apple's wireless access point the application connects immediately. Beware of using Apple's wireless products.

Stopped working since upgrading to High Sierra

Worked seamlessly for years on my Mac Air running El Capitan. Upgraded to High Sierra and upgraded the App to the latest — and it simply won’t connect. “Timed out” time and again.

Doesn’t work - even with new OS and new SonicWall firmware

I recently setup SonicWall’s Global VPN client on several PCs at work and it works without issue. SonicWall Mobile Connect DOES NOT work on a Mac running High Sierra. The SonicWall box is running the latest firmware, and the VPN configuration is working with the Global VPN client. The Mobile Connect app v5 is junk.

0 Stars

Why is 0 stars not an option. This is the only program my company uses and I cannot even open it. Programers should be ashamed.

Worked perfectly on first config and try!

The app installed quickly, entered credentials and voila, all was well. If you are having issues, you are likely on old updated systems. Update your firewalls! Why run outdated unpatched hardware? MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - HighSierra SonicWall TZ600

v5 totally broken… 4.0.16 works half of the time...

We’ve updated to the latest firmware and this is still garbage. Something Dell did (or didn’t do) completely borked this software. Running on High Sierra… It seems to have an issue with Wi-Fi. Tethering over a physical cable is the only thing that works. No bueno.


5.0 no longer works with the Sonicwalls’ that I was connecting too. IT swears the firmware is updated. In the logs something about OPSWAT not being able to be loaded from the local disk, looking at the path the files are not even there. Something is just wrong with this version.

5.0.0 breaks on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

A few of us in the office have updated to 5.0.0 for our VPN client; that was a mistake. Yet another horrible release by sonicwall that appears to have not been tested and qa'd enough. wish I could roll back. or better yet I wish my company would dump sonicwall and their buggy stuff.

Takes longer to connect...

The latest version takes too long to connect and eventually fails to connect. after multiple attempts it connects...

Don’t Use This to Upgrade a Working Mobile Connect

I just upgraded my Mobile Connect to V5.0.0 and can no longer connect to my SonicWall Firewall. According to SonicWall, the fix is to upgrade my firewall to the latest firmware version. Unfortunately, being the only Mac user in my organization, I am SOL.

Doesn’t work with our client’s firewalls

The windows Dell Sonicwall Netextender client will connect to multiple firewalls & firmware versions. We work with multiple clients and getting them to update the firmware on their sonicwalls to make this app work is not an option. If the windows client can do it, why can’t the mac client? The logs and connection monitor are next to useless: 2017-07-14 08:34:42.977 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> VPNConfigurationConnectionStart SUCCESS!!! 2017-07-14 08:34:42.978 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Status of connection ‘***': Connecting... 2017-07-14 08:36:23.696 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Help Menu selected 'Export Logs' 2017-07-14 08:36:23.696 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Exporting Logs... 2017-07-14 08:36:23.696 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Exporting MobileConnect.log file... 2017-07-14 08:36:23.697 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Exporting AvPluginLog.log file... 2017-07-14 08:36:23.698 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Exporting NxPluginLog.log file... 2017-07-14 08:36:42.983 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Status of connection ‘***': Disconnecting... 2017-07-14 08:36:42.990 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Status of connection ‘***': Disconnected 2017-07-14 08:36:42.990 SonicWall Mobile Connect[69737:9042559] <info> Disconnect error = 0 ((null))

Does not work most of the time

I have Sierra and I can connect around 1 out of 30 times I try this. Please update this app to work in later versions of Mac OS reliably. I had to actually buy a PC laptop (I know painful, right?) so I could do my work on the server, since support for the PC version of the software seems to be much more up to date. Please pay more attention to us Mac users, and test all OS versions when creating your application. Its been months since this new version release (March 2017 I think) and nothing has been done to address this issue. If you see a problem that is consistent, address it and get a new release out promptly.

Update your SonicWall's firmware

If you're having trouble using this app to connect, talk to IT and get the firmware on your SonicWall updated. I suffered with this app's inconsistent ability to connect to my company VPN through our SonicWall for a couple of years, angry that working from home always meant spending half an hour getting connected and then carefully keeping my laptop open to maintain the connection. A few weeks ago IT was reviewing this issue and found that we were several releases behind on firmware updates. They ran the updates one night (be careful, these aren't just bug fixes but additional features that will need to be reviewed - our system was down for a while due to new and more intense DPI), and suddenly I connect within seconds every time. If I forget to disconnect it before I close my laptop, the VPN now reconnects within seconds. This app has completely dropped off my radar as a tech hassle since upgrading our firmware.

Just keep swimming!

I swear this app works perfectly if you just keep letting it time out, over and over again, typing in your password time after time. I get a VPN connection 100% of the time when I really stick with it. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes of focusing on this app, waiting for the username and password fields to appear, typing in my password, waiting for it to time out, and then trying again. If you repeat this for an hour, I guarantee* you’ll get through at some point. * You must spend the entire hour staring at the connection window and typing in your password repeatedly for this guarantee to apply.

VPN speed issue

Running macOS Sierra 10.12.4, VPN throughput speed is terrible! Throughput maxes out at 4kB/sec, taking 90 sec to download a 350kB file. When open, the rest of the OS runs slow also.

Does not work with OS Sierra

Like so many others, it just will not work. The computer I am sending this from is a Macbook Air running OS El Capitan. The SonicWall Mobile Connect software works perfectly. When I upgraded my 2016 MacBook from El Capitan to Sierra, this same version of SonicWall stopped working and still won’t work.

Works fine for me

Not sure why the others are reporting issues. I’ve had no issues connecting to any of the endpoints I provide IT support for. Regularly connect to 60+ networks and this latest version has given me no issues on any of them. Currently running MacOS 10.12.4 and am running mobile connect 4.0.16 (416). Perhaps users with issues should check their firewalls and ensure they are on latest firmware. Also ensure they are using a current generation SonicWALL and not an unsupported EoL model. Only reason I have not marked 5 stars is that this version is a little slower to make the connection. Works fine once connected and also connects everytime so just a minor detail.

not functioning right

Most of the time this app won’t connect to the server

Not working since update

Prior to update, worked fine. Since update, ZERO functionality.

Good Luck getting this to work

I installed this because one of my clients requires it. I have more complaints about this than any other piece of software I’ve ever used. First, in order to get any type of help, I need to get the product serial number from my client. Second, the software repeatedly disconnects. Tried this under 10.10 and 10.11. Tried it under Wireless & Wired connections. Tried it with a fast (300mb) cable connection. In short, this is a complete and total piece of garbage. I’ve used other VPN software packages. This one is the worst of the worst. If you are unfortunate enough to have to use this, good luck.

Version 4.0.12 Fails to Install Routes

With version 4.0.12 I can connect to my VPN, but after the connection is made the necessary route changes are not made so my attempts to reach systems on the remote side of the VPN go nowhere. I had version 4.0.8 installed before and it worked fine. I restored version 4.0.8 after upgrading to 4.0.12 and once again the VPN connection worked fine; all routes were established. Would very much like to see a new update that restores proper functioning of the client. Meanwhile, I have to prevent another upgrade to 4.0.12 so I can stick with the working 4.0.8 version.

Not needed on Macs!

My computer started crashing two - four times a day after installing this app. It worked fine, it just didn’t let the rest of my computer continue to function. After several calls with our IT department we discovered that Macs have a native VPN connection tool in the networking window - go figure! Uninstalled this program and have not crashed since. It may be a fine app, but if you don’t need it, don’t use it!

Works with maxOS 10.12.2

This app DOES work with all software up to date: macOS 10.12.2 SonicWALL Mobile Connect 4.0.12 SonicWALL Firmware: SonicOS Enhanced Apparently, though, either macOS or SonicWALL Mobile Connect does not cooperate when the default LAN IP address of both LANs are the same. The initial connection succeeds but beyond that I could not communicate with the remote network. My SonicWALL router IP is as was my home router. When I changed my home router IP to the VPN worked normally. With SonicWALL NetExtender on Windows it does not matter if both router IP addresses are the same.

After Months of Waiting...

….for Dell to fix it, guess what? It still doesn’t work on 10.12. Do you see above where it says “see…website for more information”? Well one of the Known Issues is "When run as a non-admin user, Mobile Connect is unable to add, edit or delete VPN connections.” Of course if you sudo the app, it returns "Illegal instruction: 4”. See where it says above “If you need support, please visit SonicWALL Mobile Connect Support”? Don’t waste your time: you’ll need a User name/Password to submit a service request. At this point, the only way forward I see is for Apple to buy out Dell and “shut it down”. Dell, you’re welcome to prove me wrong. Ya know how? By fixing it. (But what do you care? I’m not your customer.)

Works With Sierra and Updated SonicWall Firmware

You must update your SonicWall device to the latest firmware version (in the case of the TZ 205, it is in order for this application to work. Sierra imposes more restrictive SSL requirements, and the new firmware update supports those requirements. My only beef with the application is that it doesn't save my VPN password to iCloud Keychain, so I have to manually enter it every time I connect.

Did work great

Well it did work great…then I updated OSX & get SSL error…won connect. Why cant tech just work? Please update the App so it works with updated OS’s…please! Dell/Sonicwall you should be “on it” you have the resources to do better than this.

Needs to be updated

Big Hoss 13 is right if the cipher is changed to the one he lists it works great but my tech guys say that the cipher is not secure and has vulnerabilities. So the program or the new OS needs to be fixed. They changed it back because of the security risk.

Causes full system crash

80% of the time I use SonicWall it causes my MacBook Pro to completely crash and forces the OS to do a hard restart. This has proven somewhat detrimental to my productivity when working remotely.

NOGO with Sierra

Do NOT upgrade to Sierra if you depend on this app. It will not work and as of October 7, 2016, there is no way to fix it. This is just wonderful (/sarcasm) for those of us who work remotely. UPDATE… @Big Hoss’s fix works!! Thanks man! Sonic Wall Management Interface SSL VPN Server Settings SSL VPN Server Settings Enable Cipher Preferences —> RC4_MD5 (Not the best method, but its a band-aid)

Simply doesn’t work

I’ve gotten this to work once. And that was on a fresh install. Ever since then, even after reinstalling, it just crashes after attempting to connect to the server. I quite literally just switch to a Windows machine everytime I need to VPN into work. Honestly how does something so obviously broken get released?


This app has failed countless times. They haven’t even sent out an update when it’s clearly broken on the recent version of Mac.

Fix for Sierra

I had the same error - an ssl error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. Our fix was to go into the sonic wall management interface SSL VPN Server Settings SSL VPN Server Settings Make sure Enable Server Cipher Preference is checked and our cipher method is RC4_MD5 Was able to connect with the mobile connect client after that. Hope this helps.

Doesn't work on Sierra

Either this version breaks it, or its just icompatible with Sierra. Either way, I can no longer connect to anything :( SonicWALL Mobile Connect[4075]: <error> Connection failed! Error - An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

Doid not work on Sierra GM

Does not work on SierraGM.

Please update for OS 10 - Sierra

Having trouble connecting after the Mac Sierra update. Each time I try, I’m getting a “An SSL error has occured and a secure connection to the server cannot be made."

Can’t connect to VPN

While trying to connect to enterprise network, I am shown a challenge question which changes everytime. The text doesnt wrap so the values on the question can’t be seen. Prevening me from connecting. Can’t give better raiting due to the lack of a working product.

Safari shut down

Everytime I use this to connect to the office computer, Safari no longer operates but gives the blank screen of SERVER NOT AVAILABLE. As soon as i disconnect SMC, Safari comes back up.


I installed this because this is what a client uses. After using it successfully for a while, I had some sort of glitch that closed down the connection to the server. Since then, I’ve been unable to establish a connection. Through various trials and tribulations, I’ve determined the problem is likely a corrupt file on my machine, but no amount of re-installing, or running AppCleaner, or any other method has resulted in success. Given the history of this thing working, I’d have rated this a 3, but the fact that the SoniWALL Mobile Connect Support page linked to here is a bad link, and in general, I find Dell a company that is more a barrier than a benefit. If you don’t have to use this, I recommend you don’t.

Does the job, but not internationally

Connecting within the US it seems to do its job well. But it fails to establish a proper connection from extremely remote destinations.

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